Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Competition time: Win yourself some makeup!

Exciting post!

Competition Time

I felt a bit bad for not blogging for a while so I thought what is a better post than a competition to get everyone involved :)

I have done a couple a competitions before with companies like MAC and Feel Unique. I was sat thinking about what brand I had been loving recently and it came to me, Benefit.

I didn't want to make an overly complicated entry method so just comment below and make sure you are following (I do check guys haha) and I will pop you into the competition.
If you want a second vote then tweet and follow me at @JShannonx

The prize will be up to the value of £25 of your choice from the benefit website :)
It is international so you can all feel free to enter, thanks guys!

*not affiliated with the company, prize is out of my own pocket!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Room Snapshot

This is a few pictures of the key things you will find around my room that either I love or mean something to me. I think someones bedroom or house is really personal to them and shows you bits about their personality which is why I LOVE room tours or similar posts. I'm not 100% happy with my room as it is at the moment as all the nice furniture is in my home house in Bristol but I have barely any belongings there and I am lumbered with all the crappy furniture you get in a student let house here in Newcastle! With this in mind I decided to take a few snaps of parts of my room or items in my room to give you an insight into my homely side :)

Enjoy! If you have any similar posts link them below, I'd love to have a look!


I love drawing and art as so I have a few bits that I have done up on my wall for all to see. I have done a lot of art over the years but a lot of it is at home with mother.

My New Baby: Olympus Pen Lite E-PL7

Hey :)

So  I have just had my final loan in, I don't have any more rent payments to come out and work full time so thought I would I would treat myself and buy myself something I've wanted for AGES, a decent camera! So I had a look around and came across someone else's beauty blog and loved the quality of the pictures. To me the quality of images on a blog is just as important as the text, so with this in mind, I had a snoop to find out what camera they used and it was the Olympus Pen E-PL7. I had been umming and ahhing over spending so much money on a camera but decided to bite the bullet and do it. If I am honest I didn't really look around many shops to compare on price etc, I just went on the Curry's website and ordered it free to my nearest store. They had a bulk deal for £412 which was the camera itself (in white) and a 32gb memory card.

taken with IPhone 5C

taken with IPhone 5C

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Drumroll please...

Oh hi there!

I guess I should start with an apology. I have been away from blogging for a long time now. I got caught up with final year of university plus having two jobs and a boyfriend! That seemed to swallow up all my time meaning my beloved blog was put on the bench for a while. I have now pretty much finished university only having a couple of lectures and exams left so I thought I would return to the blogasphere!

I thought to return to blogging I would share what gives me inspiration when it comes to make up :)



So this is probably an app that everyone and their cat has… I personally LOVE Instagram. In regards to make up, it gives me a lot of inspiration. Most beauty bloggers or youtube gurus have Instagram and post images or short videos of their work. I'd say the number one Instagram I stalk when I'm thinking of new make up looks or looking for new bloggers to follow would be @Anastasiabeverlyhills. Now obviously if you're into makeup you probably know who this glorious woman is and her brand but her Instagram is unlike most, she continuously promotes other peoples work whether they use her products or not which just shows to me that she loves the industry and she isn't just there to promote herself. If you're looking for new people to follow on Instagram or other social platforms I would suggest checking this page out! 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lip Voltage: Review

As promised here is my Lip Voltage review. For those who don't know Lip Voltage is a lip plumping treatment in a gloss like form. I'd seen a lot of different people using this and saw a wide range of results so decided to purchase it. I got it online from Cosmeceutical Clinic for £15.99. The shipping was really quick and there were no issues which is always nice.

What you get:

Friday, 3 October 2014

My current skincare routine

This is my current little set of skin goodies I use! To remove my make up I use the Liz Earl cleanse and polish. I'm not going to bother talking about this as everyone who has a blog ever has written about it. I think it is ok…. I mean when it came out I thought it was amazing but I've tried similar products from Soap and Glory as well as NO7 and I like them just as much and they're cheaper!

Monday, 29 September 2014

This Weeks Wishlist!

Here is my current wishes and wants of the last couple weeks!! I've split them up into stores so it should be easier for any of you to find the products if you decide you like them too!

First up is TOPSHOP