Thursday, 23 April 2015

Drumroll please...

Oh hi there!

I guess I should start with an apology. I have been away from blogging for a long time now. I got caught up with final year of university plus having two jobs and a boyfriend! That seemed to swallow up all my time meaning my beloved blog was put on the bench for a while. I have now pretty much finished university only having a couple of lectures and exams left so I thought I would return to the blogasphere!

I thought to return to blogging I would share what gives me inspiration when it comes to make up :)



So this is probably an app that everyone and their cat has… I personally LOVE Instagram. In regards to make up, it gives me a lot of inspiration. Most beauty bloggers or youtube gurus have Instagram and post images or short videos of their work. I'd say the number one Instagram I stalk when I'm thinking of new make up looks or looking for new bloggers to follow would be @Anastasiabeverlyhills. Now obviously if you're into makeup you probably know who this glorious woman is and her brand but her Instagram is unlike most, she continuously promotes other peoples work whether they use her products or not which just shows to me that she loves the industry and she isn't just there to promote herself. If you're looking for new people to follow on Instagram or other social platforms I would suggest checking this page out! 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lip Voltage: Review

As promised here is my Lip Voltage review. For those who don't know Lip Voltage is a lip plumping treatment in a gloss like form. I'd seen a lot of different people using this and saw a wide range of results so decided to purchase it. I got it online from Cosmeceutical Clinic for £15.99. The shipping was really quick and there were no issues which is always nice.

What you get:

Friday, 3 October 2014

My current skincare routine

This is my current little set of skin goodies I use! To remove my make up I use the Liz Earl cleanse and polish. I'm not going to bother talking about this as everyone who has a blog ever has written about it. I think it is ok…. I mean when it came out I thought it was amazing but I've tried similar products from Soap and Glory as well as NO7 and I like them just as much and they're cheaper!

Monday, 29 September 2014

This Weeks Wishlist!

Here is my current wishes and wants of the last couple weeks!! I've split them up into stores so it should be easier for any of you to find the products if you decide you like them too!

First up is TOPSHOP

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Life in Photos '14

Here is just a little bundle of photos from the last month :)
Nights out, selfies, food and obviously pics of my dog!

The summer was pretty good, went to Magaluf with the girls, London and Paris with my family and got my boobies done. (I realise that can cause some controversy however it is something I have always wanted so I went and got it… I am in no way promoting cosmetic surgery etc it is a personal choice.)

So what have I been doing more recently… I've been working my little butt off!! 58/60hours in a week! Day and night shifts… Working in a bar does make you quite hateful of the human race. I haven't had a full day and night off in 3 weeks :( I have however in the last few months bagged myself a lad, quite a good one too, luckily we work together otherwise I wouldn't of seen him for the last 3 weeks! Blimin' freshers.
I also have a second job as a host/dancer for a couple of club nights which is pretty easy money although I have to rock some VERY short shorts which causes girls are either really nice or really mean… probably depending on the level of drunk. I have never really understood why people slag off club dancer or hosts for their outfits when it's quite obvious it's a uniform and they are being paid to be there…
I've just moved into a new house with 4 other girls and a husky. We are in our final year of uni now and all on the same course so hopefully I'll be a little better behaved this year and actually do my work…

Pretty sure that is all there is to catch up on!
I've bought quite a lot of beauty related items over this month as well so will do a haul as soon as the last few bits come in the post :)

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Healthy Living & Fitness :)

Obviously there is a bit of a bandwagon for healthy living and hitting the gym this year. I have no idea where it's come from and in all honesty it does irritate me when everyone just starts doing something purely to follow the crowd, however, in saying this how can I or others complain if it's something that can only enhance peoples lives and wellbeing? So what did I do? I jumped on too ;)
I've always been skinny… weight is not something I have had to fight with in a typical manner. My issues have always been wanting to be bigger than I am. I know that is something that I have said in the past and got a lot of stick for ''count yourself lucky'' etc etc however I am constantly being told I look ill, I'm too skinny or the classic ''go and eat a burger''. To all those people: I was living off Dominos, MCD's and Subway… so shut up. However, I know that even though I lived off junk food and never exercised and remained a size 8, my insides must be not in very good shape. One of my modules at university was biology and within this there was a nutrition module. I realised in the odd lectures I attended that even though I was skinny I was so unhealthy and just waiting for something medically wrong to happen (one of these lectures I actually sat eating a MCDs breakfast). When I started seeing the sudden incline of fitness and healthy eating going wild on Instagram and all the other social medias of the world I decided to join. I haven't gone extreme… I still have the odd take away (usually after a night out), I still drink occasionally and don't pound the gym everyday, however, I have gradually started eating healthier and exercising more. This has been over a period of a few months (had to take a break for a month due to surgery) and it is getting easier as time goes on. I'm getting stronger, feeling better and my legs and arms are getting bigger (which I wanted) but the tummy is getting more toned! I feel better within myself and my energy levels and skin are improving. I thought I'd share a basic weekly/general lifestyle post with what I currently do. This is far from perfect and I am no professional. Just a student trying to get healthier!


Meal wise these are my favourites. Salmon with stuffed mushroom with spinach salad… if I'd said this was one of my favourite meals a year ago to myself I would think I'd gone crazy. I only really like healthy food if I have cooked it, I'm still a very fussy eater so never like the healthy options in restaurants and NEVER like their salads. Another favourite is chicken breast stir fry with mushrooms and spinach and onion and other lovely bits! 
I pretty much just live off spinach, chicken and salmon but these are healthy foods I do genuinely enjoy! I want to get healthier etc but I still want to enjoy food, I don't want to live off broccoli and dry chicken like a see some people do. Noooo thank you. 


So in regards to snacks it's mainly fruit, berries or kiwis more often than not! Sometimes if I am feeling a little more peckish I'll throw an egg in or something just for a bit of an extra. Some people think it's a really weird combination haha, but I obviously eat the egg first, have some water then eat the fruit. 
Another one if I have a little more time on my hands is bruschetta, I have wholewheat crackers or light wafer type crackers and then cut up onion, tomatoes and garlic (sometimes some spinach if I have it in) and it is so yummy! Drinks wise all I really have is water or black/herbal teas :) It almost killed me giving up diet coke and I still have some now and then.


I'll be honest, exercise is where I have pretty much no knowledge. I just try to go to the gym as much as I can in a week, usually 4 times for about an hour at a time. I also downloaded the PumpUp app which is AMAZING. It's free and it's almost like an Instagram dedicated just to fitness and healthy living. There's so much motivation and loads of tips. Definitely a favourite of mine! You can track your weight, set goals and even put in what areas you want to improve or strengthen and what equipment you have available (from a whole gym to nothing at all) and it will provide you with a work out that is step by step and goes along with you whilst you do it, even demonstrating moves! I would highly recommended this app whether you are just starting or are relatively fit! It's awesome! With this app I can train at home or away and know exactly what to do for what areas of the body, which is great as I didn't have a clue! You can follow people who are professionals as well as people like me who are just trying the healthy lifestyle! If you want to know what I have been up to on it feel free to follow me on it, my name is jayniexo :)

If anyone has any questions feel free to leave them down below and I will get back to you. Also if anyone knows of any health and fitness blogs (your own or others) please also let me know, I love reading and following them :) 


Monday, 31 March 2014

Mini Beauty Haul

So the other day I was in a bad mood and what soothes a bad mood for me? Shopping. It doesn't help my university is practically in town! I mean it would be rude to not at least go and look at clothes and makeup. These were some of the things that I picked up.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer 
I'm sure most of you have heard about this. I usually use Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer but it's running out and it's not easy to get hold of here in England so I thought I would try this one instead. The coverage is amazing and it doesn't budge but I do kind of wish I'd picked up NC25 and not 20!

MAC Prep + Prime, Skin Base Visage
This was my original primer I always used. I loved it but decided to try something different and went for the Benefit Porefessional. I may be the only person in the world of beauty to say this but I really didn't like it. I noticed no difference to my skin when I put it on (unlike with this primer) and it barely lasted a couple of months and I only used it when I went out in town! So, I have gone back to what I know and love.

Revlon Colour Burst & Just Bitten Kissable
I was wondering around Superdrug and saw they had 3 for 2 on these so decided to bite the bullet and invest in some as I had heard nothing but good things. I picked up two Matte Colourburst's (Emulsive and Audacious) and one Just Bitten Kissable (Crush). I've provided some swatches for you. The Mattes were just one swipe, the Just Bitten was a few swipes due to the pigmentation not being as strong. Overall I do like these products and they are not a bad price at £7.99 (and one being free!)

NARS Larger Than Life Longwear Eyeliner
So the price of this for eyeliner I did find ridiculous… (£19) however decided to go wild and buy it anyway. I bought it from the recommendation of Jaclyn Hill (Youtuber) as she said it truly does last all day and she was right! It does not budge! This is a miracle considering it is on your waterline so I am beyond in love. I bought it in Rue Bonaparte which is a nude colour. I didn't want to get it in white as I find this looks too harsh on me. I think this looks provides a more natural big eye look! I may buy it in black or brown when I next get paid :)

Eyelure eyelashes 070
These are my go to eyelashes. They look completely natural when worn with no mascara. People didn't even know I wore falsies! When I want a more dramatic look I just pile on the mascara!

Solait Instant Tan
This was just a running into Superdrug as I was out of tan purchase. It was reasonably cheap if I remember rightly. It's just a standard instant really! Not orangey, definitely a brown colour but obviously doesn't stay on if you get water or anything on it being an instant. I use it if I didn't have time to leave one on over night :)

There are only a couple of days left on my MAC lipstick giveaway FIND IT HERE so go and enter! GO GO GO